HTML Table Library

HTML Table Library turns arrays, database results or ORM iterators into HTML tables.

What makes it different from other libraries is that is provides an incrediblly easy, yet powerful object-oriented methodology for separating and manipulating data (input) from presentation (output),

It includes options for setting data, rendering, markup, filtering data, custom HTML injection, optimization routes, and more.

Download it here:, add comments or report issues.

Table of Contents

Quick Start

How to get up and running in under 30 seconds, without caring too much about how it works.

User Guide

This section starts with an overview of the library, and an introduction of the main concepts behind it.

Then, some straightforward code examples to let you get a quick idea of typical usage.

Finally, the techniques needed to get you using the library to a more advanced level.

API Guide

This section outlines the class API.

Firstly, creating a table and adding data to it:

Secondly, using built-in methods to affect basic table structure and presentation:

Thirdly, using custom methods to transform the data into alternative content:

Finally, rendering the table:


This section provides working demos so you can see what the library actually does first-hand.