The Downloader module allows you to pre-configure groups of files for zipping and downloading.

Essentially it serves as a convenience wrapper around the Archive module, but allows you to:

  • preconfigure download groups
  • add arbitrary text content on the fly
  • rebuild only when files have been updated
  • specify source and target folders per file / folder

The module is used on this site to mix and match the latest versions of modules, helpers, plugins, etc. into convenient downloadable files.

Download it here:, or feedback.

Quick start

Code example

Although you can specify files to be downloaded using class config file. Each sub-key contains a list of file paths, which you retrieve by creating a new Downloader and passing in the appropriate key.

For example, calling the following command would initiate the creation and download of the test group of files:


A file called is then created and saved in the download folder, before popping up the standard "Save file" dialog.