AutoView maps method-less urls to corresponding views, creates default index pages for folders and controllers, and provides friendly 404 pages.

It comprises four main processes:

Folder Indexes List navigable subfolders and controllers
Controller Indexes List navigable methods, with descriptions
Mapped Views Map urls directly to views, without the need for dedicated controller methods
Missing Views Display a friendly 404 page for urls that do not map to a method or view

Download it here:, or feedback.

Quick start


First of all, Folder and Controller Indexes:

Then, the magic of Mapped Views:

Finally, routes that don't map to any resources:


To install the module:

  1. copy the folder to your modules directory
  2. copy the configuration file from modules to application
  3. add the module reference to your application's main config file

Configuration overview

The module itself is entirely front end, that is, there is no API. Everything is achieved via configuration - such as enabling or disabling components, or changing default paths, or overriding default Kohana settings.

One thing to be aware of when you install the module for the first time:

  • The default settings for AutoView DISPLAYS ALL folder and controller indexes!

This means that instead of seeing your site's pages, you'll see index pages for every controller and method.

Worry not, not only you are free to change these settings to make AutoView less zealous in its display of your site's workings, but you can automatically enable or disable settings depending on whether the site is in development or live.

You can set mappings and individually enable or disable:

As well as overriding global settings for:

  • the default route
  • controller index methods

Or even limiting Autoview to:

  • specific paths

Click here for full configuration options.